LibFail: Leftist Fear-Mongering Attack Ad Backfires Spectacularly; Ends Up Promoting DeSantis and Anti-Mandate Policies

Note: Some words are altered with an asterisk(*) to mitigate the effects of social media censorship.

A Democrat-funded Political Action Committee is running a television and online attack campaign against Florida’s Governor. Ron DeSantis, the subject of the attack, is a rising star in the Republican party who has recently drawn the ire of Neo-liberals and v*x-cultists by taking a vocal stand against v*ccine mandates as well as blocking school districts in Florida from mandating masks (parents are still free to make their kids wear a mask at school – just not everyone else’s kids). He is also the second most likely 2024 Republican presidential candidate, behind Donald Trump.

The commercial is so utterly over-the-top that it appears to have backfired. The two-minute long ad has 30-second, 60-second and full-length, two-minute versions being aired in television advertising spots across America. It is entitled “Florever Purge” and applies the plot concept of hit 2013 movie The Purge, to the State of Florida. See for yourself…

The ad is being pilloried online as well as on cable news; Tucker Carlson aired it on his program Thursday and, like the rest of us, couldn’t help laughing out loud.

By the way, despite what the ad implies, Florida’s numbers are way down. Their death-rate as of October 1, 2021 is lesser than that of New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts. Their raw numbers of cases, deaths and hospitalizations have been dropping dramatically since mid-August.

State of Florida

Screenshot taken from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center, 09/30/2021, 10:13PM

Some serious cash clearly went into the production and marketing of this ad. Some high level members of the Democrat propaganda machine decided that this was indeed the best way to reach moderate, middle-of-the-road Americans in an attempt to sway them to support the policies of the left. It’s nothing short of amazing that this ad make it to air without Democrat operatives realizing that reasonable, moderate voters would immediately dismiss it as a laughable, hyperbolic attempt at propagandizing C*Vid. This ad serves to illustrate just how alarmingly out-of-touch the hard-left is with the tastes and sensibilities of everyday Americans.

Here’s a few examples of the reactions plastered all over Twitter and YouTube:



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