Michael Ross Greenberg

Writing about political, social and legal issues from the cultural right. Author of the Dangerous Thoughts blog and contributing writer to The RF Angle.

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I grew up on Long Island, in the vast suburban sprawl of New York, where I worked for 12 years as a lawyer and business manager. Over time, my wife and I became increasingly disillusioned with the radical politics, outrageous taxes and persistent cultural emphasis of form over substance. In 2019, we bought some land in rural Maine and made our escape. Far from the noise of that ever-running engine of collective self-delusion and empty virtue-signaling, I am free to think – to wrongthink. From my modest log cabin, I write about political, legal and social issues; sharing my dangerous thoughts.

My perspective is from the Cultural Right – a diverse amalgamation of Americans, including libertarians, traditional conservatives, neocons, and classical liberals, woven together by the threads of American exceptionalism and the enlightenment-era ideal of individualism. We undertake to defend and promote our common culture by advocating for civil liberties, limited government and free markets while maintaining a general preference for pragmatism over idealism. Above all, we value the free and open exchange of ideas, without the confines of political correctness or the dogma of neoliberal orthodoxy.