Dictionary of the Cultural Right

The left has used language as a weapon for years. It’s time to adopt some Newspeak of our own.

This page is a work in progress — please bear with me

Cultural Right

A diverse amalgamation of Americans, including libertarians, traditional conservatives, neocons, and classical liberals, woven together by the threads of American exceptionalism and the enlightenment-era ideal of individualism. They undertake to defend and promote their common culture by advocating for civil liberties, limited government and free markets while maintaining a general preference for pragmatism over idealism. Above all, they value the free and open exchange of ideas, without the confines of political correctness or the dogma of neoliberal orthodoxy.

Cultural Left

A term coined by Andrew Breitbart; it includes individuals who support and promote Neo-liberal causes, knowingly and unknowingly, as well as the Mainstream Media, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and the vast sector of PACs, NGOs and “Community Organizers” which maintain its ground level operations. The Cultural Left stresses collectivism over individualism and globalism over nationalism. It

Radical Axis

The official or unofficial partnership between the major technology companies of Silicon Valley, the mainstream media, the entrenched bureaucracy in Washington and the Democrat party, including the vast network of PACs and NGOs that support the Democrat Party.

He who controls the language, controls the masses.”

-Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals